An independent review of AGEL products

So I don’t often have much to say around here, and really this is just because when I was looking for somebody to tell me if Agel (pronounced “agile”) products worked or not I couldn’t find anything that wasn’t sponsored by the company or was talking about the dangers of multi-level marketing.


So – MLM aside (I am not getting involved in that!!) – I have been taking the following products regularly for almost two weeks, and am prepared to at least give an intermediate statement on how I feel about them.


FLX – this is supposed to contain 4 supplements to help your joints and bones – it says it is a Citrus Fruit Flavor.  It tastes like ass onto which a citrus fruit has perhaps fallen and rotted.  NASTY.  It is also kind of chalky.  Now, if you haven’t seen Agel stuff the whole pretense is that they are vitamins in a gel (kind of like Gu for runners) and therefore are absorbed better and faster.  Have I noticed any difference?  I don’t think so.  I still hurt in all the same places I usually hurt after activity, so whatever.  Not worth it to me to continue this one as it is (1) disgusting and (2) very expensive.  $85 for a month supply box.  I can take OTC glucosamine pills and save a whole lot of money.


GRN – this is supposed to be a cleanse type of product, gently keeping your system “moving” – it says it is a Lemongrass Mint Flavor – they got the grass part right. This tastes like somebody went into the yard and yanked up some grass (dirt and all) and put it in a blender with a squirt of lemon.  It’s not as bad as FLX, but it’s not very good.  It is also very runny compared to the other products.  I am not really into this one – I was eating yogurt with chia seeds pretty much every day and had no problem with regularity.  Again, expensive and I will not be ordering it again.  If I need a little something extra I’ll eat more applesauce….


PRO – this is a shake powder, a lot like a protein shake.  On their diet plan you use it as one or two meal supplements.  It makes a good shake in the blender – great with a little ice, 8 oz of milk and a half a banana or some blueberries.  However as a portable mean option this isn’t so good.  It doesn’t stir into milk on its own, and even in a shaker bottle it still comes out gritty and strange.  I don’t have a blender at work, so it just really isn’t working out for me.  The taste is fine, when blended in a blender.  (It is 3 WW points when blended with 8 oz nonfat milk by the way)


FIT – This one still tastes gross (“Lemon Meringue Flavor”) but is better than the others so far.  If you take it in one shot and drink water it goes down better.  It is supposed to curb your appetite, and let me tell you IT WORKS.  I love this one if only for the fact that taken 30 minutes before lunch I will eat a healthy lunch and not be starving at 3:00 p.m.  This is one I will probably continue to use if I see decent results at the end of the month.  I usually take one a day, but some days I take 2. (I’m also doing WeightWatchers and so some days I feel like I’m going to starve to death anyway….)


OHM – I just started with this one Monday, and I don’t take it every day.  The one I took did exactly what I expected.  It has a Vitamin B complex in it that gives you energy without added caffeine.  All I know is that it perked me up more than an afternoon Diet Coke does and it didn’t make me crash later.  My only complaint is that since I took it in the late afternoon (energy for exercise class) I had a hard time getting to sleep that night, so next time I’ll take it earlier in the day.    It is “Starfruit Flavor” and actually is the best tasting of all of the products here.


I hope this helps somebody else when they are looking around the Internet to find somebody who will give an unbiased opinion of these products.  I wish I’d seen something like this before I ordered.  It seems everybody who is involved with Agel has drunk the cool-aid and thinks this stuff is the best ever.  I think some of that is because they have to convince themselves that the MLM is going to work and that all the boxes of stuff they have to order personally every month to get their commission (from what I’ve seen between $200 and $300 worth) is actually doing them some good.  And maybe it does.  Maybe for somebody with more bone and joint pain the FLX does more.  Maybe for someone with different issues the GRN would help more.  Dunno. Not saying they don’t work, just saying they didn’t do much for ME.  And maybe the psychosomatic effect of all that MLM team training stuff they want to show you will psych you into feeling it does more than is an actual result of the product.  Either way, if you feel better why not?

Sorry, It’s been a while

Is this thing still on?  I’m awful about keeping up with things, sorry.

Lets see if I can just do a fresh start.

I started my half-marathon training two weeks ago.  I’ve managed pretty well to keep up with it, but this week it is going to bust.

Sunday I was scheduled for a 4 mile long run.  I really wanted to get in a 10k.  Unfortunately, the migraine of the month hit and I was not able to run.  Sad face.

So last night I went out for an hour long run and got in 4.5 miles.  HILLS killed me.  But a run is a run, and there we go!

Tonight I may walk, and I was hoping to run on Wednesday but I may actually go to Pilates instead.  I have a skype session meeting at 8 p.m. so have to be home for that.  Thursday when I get to the hotel in Franklin I plan to go out for a nice run.  And I”ll be running all weekend one way or the other at DAR State Conference.

I’ve also gone back to counting my points on Weight Watchers.  It will be hard this weekend with the purchased meals for the events, but I’ll do my best to stay on track.

Resolution Run 2012

I went out with the Bartlett Runners today for my Resolution Run 2012. Planned for 4 miles but really only made it 3.75 miles in 47:01. Average pace was 12:13 but at some point I was apparently running downhill with a tailwind at a 5:56 pace… wonder I was tired.

Garmin report here: Resolution

Wasn’t my best run ever. But also not the worst ever. The Bartlett Runners are all just faster than I am. So I ran with them until the last of them passed me at about mile 1.5 and then turned around and went back the way I knew (since I didn’t know the route ahead) and ran back to where I knew they would come out at the park. Then I followed the line of runners coming in backwards until I found the end and followed the tail in for the finish. I was about .5 miles off of their distance I think. It was also super windy and my ears were hurting by the end.


Here’s to 2012!! Happy New Year!!

Year in Review

Miles run: 170

Goals met: Quit smoking in July

Altogether this was a pretty good year. Not really exciting, but busy. Looking forward to 2011.

Home for the Holidays Virtual 10k

Untitled by medievalneedle at Garmin Connect – Details.

Distance: 6.24 miles (10k)
Time: 1:16:10
Average Pace: 12:12

This was my run in the Home for the Holidays Virtual 10k hosted by Stephanie over at Run for Fun

This is my longest run to date. I have only done 4 miles up till now. Also I am apparently pretty consistent as my best 5k time is 36.15.

Run Streak December

Run Streak Dec 14 – Freeman Park by medievalneedle at Garmin Connect – Details.


Let’s see if this works.  I got a new Garmin for Christmas 🙂

Somewhere along the way

I became a runner. 17 miles so far this month. Last weekend I ran outside in 35 degree temps. There was ice on the river as I ran over. I did 4 miles. Tonight it was 65 degrees and I ran 2.

I am not sure who this girl I am becoming really is, but I think I like her.

Just an easy 3 miles

That is what I told myself as I lined up for the Race for Education 5k this afternoon at 2. No hard run, no personal best, just finish without puking. I signed up for this race last week because it is along the route I ran all summer. My father-in-law lives along the route. And it seemed like it would be an easy way to get my weekend miles.

I smoked it.

38:15. A personal record and a full minute better than my last race, which was my previous personal best.

319 out of about 642 overall. 142 in women. And 28 of 57 in my age group. Firmly in the middle of the pack which makes me very happy.

Sock Finish


Unisex Slip by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee from the May Rockin Sock Club package in Socks That Rock Lightweight club color Maia. These are a Yule gift for my father-in-law.

Pumpkin Run 5k

Last weekend I participated in the Pumpkin Run 5k for LeBonnheur Children’s Hospital.


It was a cool morning but not cold. I wore my new Nike running capris/skirt and I think this is going to be a favorite for me to run in this fall. I wear compression socks to help with shin splints, and yes they help a lot.


There were a lot of people.


At mile 2 I still felt pretty strong. I pushed hard and actually pushed too hard. I was sick at mile 3 but got up and ran in for a strong finish.


36:16 – 237 of 1112 and 35 of 91 for the 35-39 age group (I will be glad to age into a new group next year).

My previous best race time was just over 39 minutes. THREE MINUTES better time. Yeah, I will take that.