Monthly Archives: December 2005

This make 5 finishes in December


And another finish

Calico Crossroads Kats by Kelly Treasure Hunt (started Friday at 7:30 a.m. and finished today at 2:30 p.m. – didn’t work on it over the weekend).

Gingerbread House

Made by my friend Dawn for our Yule party. It had stained glass windows and everything! Oh, and my cat being silly in the entertainment center.

Third Finish of the Week!

Dragonlets Birth Sampler by Dragon Dreams on 28 ct Silkweaver Expressions Linen in Blue Dynasty. It is for Mark’s Aunt Michele’s adopted son from Kazakhstan:

Another Finish

This one is TW’s Knotwork Bookmark freebie on 28 ct Potato lugana using Dinky Dyes silks from my OPPS bag (no, the yellow knockered fairy is not used). It’s for my Stitching Blogger’s Exchanges BB Bookmark Exchange (and it’s going to Pickystitcher!)

The Token finished

Yesterday I finished The Token by Long Dog. It’s on 32 ct. Platinum evenweave (Lugana I think) using Dinky Dyes silk thread in Saltbush (I think).

This is the back, just for larks 🙂

Here’s the front:

Here’s our wedding date – this is our long overdue wedding sampler:
Here’s the initials block:

I used the green on platinum to make it look a little more antique. I think it worked.