Monthly Archives: March 2006

New Beadwork

This is the bracelet from the latest issue of Bead and Button. It is supposed to have crystals, but for this one I wanted a different look. Used the same technique but modified bead counts for the loops (5 black, 7 copper/6 gold/5 marcasite, 5 black) to make it work.

I call it “Pinstripes” and it is to wear with my new suit for my new job I start Monday.


Locks of Love

I had 10″ cut off my hair for locks of love today. Below are before and after photos.

I love my new hair!!!

A note to Christine

The flosses used in Midi I are Needlepoint Inc. Silks, Gloriana Silks and Silk n Color Silks. Everything is silk. I love stitching with silk, and it’s really worth it in the long run 😉

Midi I on Mushroom

This is the floss toss for Midi I on Mushroom 32 ct Lugana – and that’s what I decided to use 🙂

Lots and Lots of Pictures

I finished my February Goals which means I get to start a new project in March. I started Midi Mystery I by Chatelaine last night.

March Goals:
Start dragon on Midnight Hunting
Start border on Midi Mystery I
Work on border of Angel Procession
Bottom border of Footprints
Finish Sunshine Line
Finish bottom palm tree sections on EG

Now on to pictures of my work to date:

Angel Procession by Teresa Wentzler – started January 2006

Footprints by Teresa Wentzler started January 2006:

Midnight Hunting by Dracolair started January 2006:

Baby Boy Sunshine Line started last week:

Egyptian Garden started around September of 2005: