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And some finishes

My little pillow which didn’t take any time at all (above) and my quilt piece for Misty’s quilt on the left.


CATS part 2

Since Blogger hates me and ate my pictures – this is a closer pic of the front of the tote bag I posted about earlier.

I bought new scroll bars and holders at CATS. I bought the Original Lap Stitch Frame from these folks:

I also bought the mini in their plywood style for $10 and an extra long set of bars for the original.

The frames below are for sale. I’ve used them before and enjoyed them but have never found anything that works so well for me as the lap stitch.

K’s creations with Ergo clamp – $40 includes shipping (above)

K’s creations with clamp in unfinished wood – $25 includes shipping (above)

CATS Nashville

This is the stash I bought. It includes:

  • Oops Pack from Dinky Dyes
  • Enchanting Lair – Autumn Dragon
  • Warratah Dinky Dyes for above
  • Summer’s Gate Smpler (Stacey Tippin) w/ thread pack
  • The Dreaming (Dinky Dyes) w/ thread pack
  • Moonflower Designs – some of my best friends are witches
  • Desert Sands Dinky Dyes for above
  • Plum Street Samplers – Salem Sisters
  • Belfast 32 ct in Relic for Salem Sisters
  • Simply Old Fashioned – Cat
  • Tricky Treats
  • 18×26 Belfast 32 in Dawn (for Tricky Treats and Friends are Witches)
  • Enchanted Lair – Blessed Be

I also bought the Enchanting Lair bargain bag – this is what it contained for less than $20:

  • GAST Sweet Pea, Holly Berry, Aged Pewteer, Evergreen, Forest Glade, Willow and Red Plum
  • Mill Hill Petite Beads – 40161 (full pack)
  • Mill Hill Treasures 13043 (heart)
  • DMC 758, 318, 816, 315
  • Eterna Silk Mini Twist – Azaleas
  • Kreinik Very Fine Braid #4 045 and Blending Filament 041
  • John James needle
  • 2 silver heart charms
  • small cut of lavender evenweave
  • small cut of hand dyed light blue/lavender linen
  • 28 ct Cashel crystal peach – looks like a fat quarter
  • medium cut of hand dyed lavender linen
  • Enchanting Lair – Christmas Motif 1
  • Mar Nic Designs – Great Pyrenees Christmas
  • Enchanting Lair – Teddies Moon
  • Enchanting Lair – Lily, the Celtic Maiden
  • Kustom Krafts – Baby Snow Leopard
  • Enchating Lair – Tiger
  • Enchanting Lair – Ginger & the Summer Dragon
  • Treasured Stitches – Friendship Knot
  • Treasured Stitches – Seize the Day
  • Treasured Stitches – A Wedding Wish
  • Stoney Creek – Sporting Adventure Book

(I traded some stuff back and forth)

I forgot to post this pic of the tote bag I got from my seasonal stitcher in Finland. I LOVE it!

Interesting morning…..

OK, so I go out this morning and I find this in my carport:

Nice doggie. Well, not so much. Growl. Bark. So, not being the kind to mess with a disinclined dog, I went back in the house and called my husband. Who told me to call animal control. So, I did. I mean, I can’t get out right?

Dog had entered carport with a lot of chain attached to its collar. Dog had proceeded to wrap its chain around the large peace lilly pot and the post on the carport. Dog was not inclined to let me set it free.

About 45 minutes later, the owner shows up. The dog is Natalie. She’s a shepherd/akita/chow mix. She’s sweet as a button when daddy is around. But in a strange place with a strange person, not so much. Very shy, like Daria. So I understand. He took his dog home.However, my plants are destroyed. I think that possibly Cleo will make it, and I hope that my aloe will be ok after being nibbled. The rue is dead I’m pretty sure. And my rosemary bush – well, that’s the lump you see between doggie’s paws in the first picture.

Four more sleeps.

I raised $150 on ebay. I got $150 from mom to match it as my birthday gift(she was very excited I was selling off my middle eastern dance costumes). I got $25 from a friend as an early birthday gift to play.

I’m ready for CATS.

I think I’m going to take one class – probably the framing class if I can get into it. And I’m really looking forward to seeing my friends from the bb’s and the blogs.

Kate and I are going to have a nightcap in the bar that spins. It took us so by surprise last year we just have to do it again.

I hope to find some good fabric, some tuck pillows, plan to get some of Jo’s Dinky Dyes threads (hope she has the opps bag again!!), and maybe even a chart or two.

I’m packing more stitching than clothing (which my husband will tell you is totally wrong for me – usually I take a week’s worth of clothes for an overnight trip “just in case”).

I’m ready to leave now. Is it Friday yet?

This is the memorial stone I ordered for my parents dog. It is a real stone, custom engraved and I am very, very pleased with it. It came from They even custom engraved the flying quail on it for me.

OK – so everybody’s going through it.

Everybody’s got all kinds of crap going on right now. The angst and stress is everywhere. So what causes it?

Right. Well, of course this is a lot of goose shit right? But how can you explain how well it works out?

In other news, husband worked Friday from 6:00 a.m. until 5:30 a.m. on Saturday morning, came home and slept and went back in at 9:30 a.m. Saturday and then got home at 1:00 a.m. Sunday, slept and went back in at 9:00 a.m. Sunday, got home at 11:00 p.m. Sunday night and went back at 4:00 a.m. today. We’re all worn out.