Monthly Archives: April 2007

Blogger ate my April goals.

Doesn’t surprise me. But I’ll try again anyway:

March goals were:

Complete 1st of the month KAL – got almost finished and knew something wasn’t right – then they posted and error on the group and I didn’t like it enough to rip out and re-knit – so I ripped it out and recycled the yarn.
Complete 15th of the month KAL – nope – but I did knit a plain square dishcloth.
Finish Anjali’s sampler – nope
Make shadowbox for Elijah – nope
Work on AP – yes, and I can now say that I officially hate lazy daisy stitches. I’m only halfway through the border full of them tho.

April goals:

Grid fabric for Old World Map
Finish A’s sampler and finish Footprints and get ready for framing
Work on AP
Finish Spring Fever – stitch along with Goldie
Finish freebie cow – stitch along with Goldie and Lynn (except Lynn is finished already)

Hopefully I can deal with those pared-down goals this month.