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Time to play catch up

After my post at Mother’ s Day on May 15 my mother had a brain hemorrhage. She was hospitalized for several days, and nothing has been the same since. Mom is weaker, more fragile, she cannot read or see well (peripheral vision distortion and noise), and sometimes gropes for words.

Again last week my mother was hospitalized due to low sodium. Low sodium will make you dizzy, sick to your stomach, and dementia. It’s pretty scary. We thought it was another bleed, but thankfully her brain is clearing up nicely and it was just the sodium. Just. She is now on a restricted liquids diet of 1500 cc’s per day and taking an antibiotic that also has the side effect of raising the sodium level. Her physical therapist today told her that she doesn’t have to use the walker all the time, but she still needs it some for balance. And she still cannot read.

So the last month of my life has been pretty hectic. Running to mom’s, taking care of mom, being at the hospital. I had to work through this last hospital episode so I was going to the hospital at 7 a.m., work at 8 a.m., leaving work at 5 p.m. and going back to the hospital until 8 p.m. It was exhausting.

I miss my husband. I miss my friends. I miss my stitching. Tonight I am going home to clean house – my house looks like a man has been cleaning it for the last 3 weeks because – guess what – he has.

And to top off the fun, as if I needed anything else right now, we have fleas. I suspect the dog brought them in from the yard and we have several stray cats, raccoons, and squirrels that spend time in our yard. She gave them to the cats, and tomorrow I am taking both cats and the dog to the vet to be dipped. Because I prefer my skin attached rather than flayed from my body and I’ll gladly pay someone to dip the cats for me. And the house is being sprayed for bugs and fleas tomorrow as well. So tonight I have to clean, strip all the beds, strip the sofa cover off, spray the sofa with flea and egg killer, spray the beds with flea and egg killer, wash all of that, and then try to put my house back together tomorrow night.

I mostly finished Medieval Times as said in my previous post. I’m still short one delica color and will finish it off all at once when that comes in. I’ve started Old World Map and it’s a BAP but the colors are not all blendy and such so it goes pretty quickly. When I can sit down that long. I did finish another angel on AP at the hospital last week so that is also moving along. Guess I should finish that up so mom can enjoy it some before she dies right? (sorry, bad sense of humor, if you knew my mom you’d laugh because it’s the kind of thing she’d say to me)

Anyway, that’s life. If you need something, email me. I do check that. I am catching up on blogs, and staying up on my forum on The Wagon.

OH – and the weekend mom went back to the hospital Lynne and Goldie had a stitch weekend that I was supposed to attend. Since I couldn’t be there, the long tradition of becoming a stuffed animal was kept. I apparently enjoyed good food, stayed up waaaaay too late, didn’t stitch a thing and tried to take home every chart I found with a cat on it. Which sounds entirely plausible! I’m dying to see pictures!

Well, ta for now – back to the working or something that looks like it.


Quick photo post

Kismet says – do you want to play a game? Global Thermonuclear War? How about a nice game of chess?

My most recent almost finish – Midi Mystery I by Chatelaine aka Medieval Times. Complete except for the rest of the black thread (ordered), one color of beads (ordered) and one color of crystals (recv’d yesterday).