Monthly Archives: July 2007

MRD 4-0

A big congrats to the women of Memphis Roller Derby – our travel team is now 4-0 and State Champions after beating Nashville and Knoxville last weekend.

And in further news, I bought my skates last Saturday.

If you want to read/see more on MRD – go visit u-tube and look for Memphis Roller Derby or MRD. Also you can see MRD on the front page of SPORTS (yes, not lifestyle, sports) in the Commercial Appeal from last Sunday. It also might be on their website. And somewhere there is also a Commercial Appeal podcast.

No, I’m not pictured. Thank goodness. You might catch a glimpse of me in the background, but I wasn’t on skates at the time so I’m pretty hidden trying to stay out of the way and keep score.

Stitching – what stitching? Haven’t really gotten very far lately.


Guess what?

I’m going to be a ref! My first bout is this Saturday night. Axles of Evil. It’s so much fun to do this. I won’t be on skates at first, just kind of learning and maybe doing some stats help. But I’m gonna be a Derby Girl 🙂 My derby name will be Mid-Evil Torture.

OK – stolen from Suz:


Your Name: – Melanie
1. Famous singer/band: Moody Blues
2. 4 letter word: Merde (shit)
3. Street name: Main Street
4. Color: Melon
5. Gifts/Presents: Machinery
6. Vehicle: Minivan
7. Things in a souvenir shop: Mirrors
8. Boy name: Mark
9. Girl name: Melissa
10. Movie title: Monty Python and the Holy Grail
11. Drink: Milk
12. Occupation: Mortician
13. Flower: Moonflower
14. Celebrity: Melissa Gilbert
15. Magazine: Ms.
16. U.S. city: Memphis
17. Pro sports teams: Memphis Grizzlies
18. Fruit/vegetable: Mushmelon
19. Reason late for work: Migraine
20. Something you throw away: Mail
21. Things you shout: My Gods! Move!
22. Cartoon character: Mickey Mouse