Monthly Archives: August 2007

Nothing to Declare

It’s too darn hot here. Nothing much is going on. Working, skating, staying in the air conditioning. Really not much to report.

I have picked up Celestial Dragon and am making slow progress. I get about a 10×10 square done a night, which is pretty good considering my technique. There are 2 kinds of blending filament in this one. So I stitch all the symbols that need clear BF, then stitch over them with a full stitch of only clear BF. Then I stitch all the symbols that need blue BF, then stitch over them with a full stitch of only blue BF. Then stitch all the symbols that don’t need any BF. I do this in 10×10 squares to keep from getting confused. He’s a very sparkly dragon!

Started seeing a psychologist last week. After 2 visits I think it’s going to be a good thing. I need to get some strategy for coping with a bunch of crap – not only from my childhood, but how to cope with my aging parents and being an only child and all.

Mark is well for those readers who know him too 🙂 He’s working long and hard right now – they just moved the whole office and warehouse and that was it’s very own cluster-f. You have no idea. Really. He’s playing Bass and rowing on the machine and working in the shop with his dad.

Daria is doing better. After a second opinion we found that her not eating is not a behavior problem, it’s really a health issue. Her body was not retaining the nutrients from the food she ate, it just went right through her. So we have her on I/D canned and dry, and a packet of stuff called “Forti-Flora” that is supposed to help the natural enzymes in her gut process the food better. She has gained a little weight but not a lot. We’ll know how it’s working in about a month.

Cats are cats. Kismet is very angry that the sunroom is not open for her pleasure at all times. But it’s too hot to keep the door open – all those windows and skylights mean that room is very hot and the AC just can’t keep up with that (nor can we afford to AC that room!)

Skating news – I can stop now. And do cross overs – learned that last night. Very excited. I get my new costume, a custom corset and skirt, in the next week or so. Semi-finals are Sept 8 and Finals are Sept 22. The new season starts on October 20.

Band news – Shortwave D is playing at Neils on the 21st of September and we’re celebrating my birthday that night too. They are playing October 6 at the P&H cafe.

And that’s all I know. I guess I’d better get to what they pay me for around here 🙂