Monthly Archives: December 2007

Weekend projects

Cat door: Moderately successful – the cats know it is there and go in and out, but only if we prop it open. Otherwise they think it is a low window and get confused.

We rearranged the living room so we could see the TV better. Because we are old and blind. In the corner is the cabinet Mark built for our Zombie Control Plan. 😉
My studio/sanctuary. The fan and mask are my favorite bits. Oh, and the cabinet Mark built me with his dad as my birthday present.
My desk in the studio/sanctuary.
The top of my card catalog. I have all my favorite animals up there – my Charlie Bear, my CATS cat and my hedgehog.


Christmas Photos

Mom opening her gifts:

PJ’s from Lucy:

Slippers from Peter:
Card from dad:
Neck wrap from Aunt Bev:
Candle from Aunt Bev:
Cat Bellpull from Lori:
What’s in here?


MOM – she is in chemo again this week. I see her getting weaker and more tired, but on the whole she is still doing fairly well. We all know it’s just a matter of time, but for the most part it seems like we will have a little more good time left.

KNITTING – still only one sock. Told mom to hang it by the chimney and see if Santa brought her the mate.

ANIMALS – I am sad to say that we lost our companion Daria, aka Black Forest Lady in Red, last Thursday. She was 12 and had a good life, but her sweet heart was giving out and we decided to let her cross the Bridge gently and quietly. The house seems a lot quieter without her.

YULE – Our annual Yule Dinner went very well. We were short one guest due to illness, but everyone seemed to enjoy it. Tons of leftovers. The menu was: Pumpkin Soup, Salad, Ham, Neeps & Leeks, Roasted Asparagus, Spaghetti Squash, Onions and Cheese, fresh baked bread, and everyone brought a dessert. Also my friend Dawn brought a goose.

CHRISTMAS – FedEx is my friend….I hope

DERBY – Empirical data suggests that I cannot fit a roller skate wheel into my posterior. I managed to sprain my ankle, jam my thumb, and I have an interesting bruise…… I was trying to learn to stop. Empirical data also suggests that I did something wrong……..

And that’s it for today. Work is a bear – what is it with the holiday season and divorce? Don’t answer that………


My very first top down sock. It took me forever, but mostly because I had a hard time finding knitting moments:

First, the sock on my foot.

Sock from the side.

Bottom of sock:
My first grafted (Kitchner) toe:
All in all, I’m quite proud and very excited about finishing the pair. It fits me well, now to hope it fits mom who has feet that are a size bigger. They stretch some, right?

Picture Post

Mom’s cat – Peepers:
Mom’s dog Misty:
Mom’s other dog, Bess:
Nut butts that they are. Next post – my sock!!!!

It happens at least once a year….

Somebody recognizes me from Antiques Roadshow. Apparently they have put together a compilation of the unique and different items they saw on the show, and I am in that too. I have the biggest book ever seen on the Roadshow – a giant floor dictionary.

So if you watch Roadshow, and you see the chick in the teal shirt with the giant book in Memphis, yep, that’s me.


Mom’s chemo went well. It seems to have helped quite a bit. She had her labs yesterday and everything is looking very good. She goes back for labs again next Monday and if all goes well she will have chemo again the following week.

Dad hired a sitter who comes in on the weekends. She is really, really sweet and does a great job with mom. I’m glad he has someone because it takes the pressure off both of us.