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Pilot Light

Koigu KPPM sock yarn – 2.5mm (size 1.5) needles – for Karen. Pattern is Tequila Phoenix from Vog On in Knitty.

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One down….

Tequila Phoenix from – Koigu KPPM sock yarn.

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So most of you don’t know about plurk – but it’s a lot of fun – – kind of like stream of consciousness blogging.

Anyway, I joined plurk through Wendy Knits. And I have met a lot of really cool people there.

And a group of the lovely plurk ladies started a hen circle. It sounded fun, so I joined.

The Hen Circle is all about releasing your inner farmgirl. To quote:

A farmgirl believes in the strong arms of friendship, community and the just plain fun of being together. A farmgirl takes joy in the quiet satisfaction of making things with her own hands. She exudes kindness, grace, humility, gentleness, patience and generosity, and loves the simple pleasures in life. A farmgirl is loyal and caring, especially when it comes to her family, friends and community. She gives generously of her time and talents. Farmgirls love to get together to share their ideas. She can be with or without fields and stock. Farmgirl is a condition of the heart.

So, what makes me a farmgirl?
Well, I’m just like that 😉 My mother was a farm girl. My aunts are farm girls. And I guess over the years I kind of picked up some of that too. I love to make things with my own hands. I love to fiddle in the kitchen and the garden. I’d really like to make my garden enough of a success that I can learn to can and preserve. And I enjoy the community of friends and sisters that I have built both online and off.