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So I had one. I am now 36. Which means little, except that I no longer check the 29-35 box on forms 😉

My husband and his dad made me the most wonderful present!! They are so creative. For those of you scratching your head over the photos, it is for my yarn. It sits next to my chair, and my yarn ball/cake goes in it and the working end comes out the hole in the top. It keeps it from getting away. And the last photo is the sock blockers they made for the different sized socks.

Open top

Yarn holder

Sock Blockers


Catching up on a lot of things:

First, a picture from the Colonial Dames of the 17th Century where I gave a presentation on Schoolgirl Samplers:

Sampler presentation

And a photo of me with my “other mother” Elizabeth at the meeting:

Mel and Elizabeth - Colonial Dames

Now, on to my recent trip to Nashville.

Dana met me at Cracker Barrel where we had brunch before shopping:

Dana - sock-walkabout

I bought a lot of pretty yarn:

Mulch Yarn

Cranberry Yarn

Seaweed Yarn

Blue Yarn

Tartan Yarn

And then Dana learned to knit. She’s very good and will be out knitting me soon!

On Saturday I attended a district DAR meeting. I helped with Junior Sales. And my sock went on walkabout some more:


DAR Regional

And then Dana and I met up for more food, laughter, and knitting. I cannot wait to get together with her again! Unfortunately, I did not photograph her with her wonderful husband. Nor did I get pictures of us in our jammies at our knitting slumber party on Saturday night. I know you’re disappointed – sorry 😉

Wow I got an award!!

Thanks Whiz!!! I love reading Whiz’s blog –

I also really needed this today as my computer at work died thanks to Mr. Dell Man and his motherboard replacing skillz.

The rules are:

1. The winner can display this award.

2. Link to the person it is from

3. Nominate 7 other blogs for the award.

4. Set links to the other blogs

5. Comment to let them know they got an award.

So, here are my 7 other blogs that I read a lot:

1. – I love her beautiful stitching!

2. – Bev has been a good friend for many years and her beadwork is stunning!!! Please say a prayer for her and her family as they have fled New Orleans again due to the most recent hurricane!

3. – yeah everybody reads the yarn harlot and I’m sure she has gotten multiple awards, but she makes me laugh on an almost daily basis. And I love her knitting.

4. – I love Wendy’s blog, her sweet cat, and of course her lovely sock patterns!

5. – she ran Summer of Socks again and survived – she has lovely roving and spinning and knitting and fibers galore!

6. – Love Dani. Always something interesting here.

7. – Erin’s blog. She always has something cool that she is stitching on. And I think she has my kitten at her house……