Monthly Archives: December 2008

More knitting – Beverly’s mitts

These are for a dear, dear friend who taught me a lot about beading. I always said I wanted to be her when I grew up. While I hardly ever bead anymore, the hours of pleasure and wonderful patterns and techniques she shared with me can never be repaid. I hope these go a small way to showing her how much I love and appreciate her. Go visit her over at No Easy Beads and say hi –

Finished hands!

Closeup of the lace
Finished mitts!!!
And me. Don’t faint – it’s another update in less than a month!


I know – it has been a month

Things have been decidedly crazy here. My boss is going (gone?) on maternity leave. So the month has flown by and here it is December.

I have been knitting.
These socks will find a new home at Christmas. They are from the Seaweed Socks pattern.

These socks will find a new home at Christmas, but they are long overdue from a birthday in July…… I had yarn problems. They are Temptation Top Down pattern.

These will also get a new home at Christmas, altho only one is done now. They are Healthy Spine pattern.

Mallory, Kismet and Bogart are all doing fine. They are not knitted, and no pattern is available 🙂