Monthly Archives: January 2009

Major SQUEEE!!!!

I made it into the Loopy Ewe sock club!!!!!!

Major, major squee.


Yeah – I kind of fell off the earth

Not much has gone on. There were holidays. There was knitting, most of which you’ve already seen. Nothing was really finished. No photographs were taken.

And this past weekend I experienced my first real dental issue. I went to the dentist last week because my mouth hurt – he said it was a mouth sore and provided a rinse and some paste stuff to put on it. Well, it got worse and worse and Friday I was ready to go nuts. I thought I was just being a wuss.

Nope – Sunday I was at the dentist (I love my dentist – he saw me on a SUNDAY for an emergency) and it was an abscess that opened through my cheek. So my tooth got drilled out as it was dead, and he packed it with calcium and gave me massive antibiotics to get the infection under control.

I can now close my mouth again, but I still can’t really eat. It aches, but the major pain is gone.

I guess at least next time I will know what it is.

And I’ll try to have a sock or two off the needles in the next few days to show you – there should be sock goodness ready soon.