Monthly Archives: March 2009

Been doing stuff

My lack of posting is no reflection on my readers, if there are any left.

I finished the Colts socks for my father-in-law. Please note the self-striping yarn self made an I and a C on the bottom of one foot.

I started new socks with Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn – these are called “slip up socks”:
And my darling project of the moment, the Clapotis, aka the Clap. This piece is so beautiful. The yarn just glows. It sings. It was spun by unicorns and dyed by elves. Or something. It is both expensive and hard to get. VERY hard to get. This was a trade for something I had that was hard to get. I feel very lucky. (For any yarnies, it is Wollmeise, Wild Thing Suzanne 80/20 Twin)
Now, the fun in this is that you drop stitches. On purpose. And pray a lot that the whole thing doesn’t fall apart when you do. If you did it right, then you are ok. I have done it right, so far.
And because he cannot be left out of an photo shoot, I give you the bird.