Monthly Archives: December 2009

New Years Blessings

It has been a long year, and a very difficult one for many, many people I know.  We have had a lot of ups and downs, but thankfully nothing drastic.

I wish for you all a New Year filled with joy, hope and prosperity.  May you be healthy, may you be surrounded by those you love, and may your dreams come true.


Aislinn has come home

She walked in, sniffed around the guest room, and climbed on the bed.  She was sweet to Mark and really totally unfazed by Kismet or the bird.  Kismet hissed, and we threw her out but tonight we are going to try letting them get a little more time in together.

She’s got a sweet little face and a cute bobbed tail.  And when they went to do her surgery, they discovered she had already been spayed, they just could not find a scar (and the vet tech said they really looked but nothing was there even after they shaved her belly).  So the surgery was a little less major than usual.

Sorry for the lack of content

This is Promise. Promise is coming home tomorrow.

She is about a year old, and is being spayed before she comes home.

This morning I called my vet’s office and told them that I was looking for a new cat since Mallory died in November and Kismet is not good at the only cat thing. I told them I wanted a gray cat with gold eyes, short hair, between one and three years old. Not very specific, eh? Well, I’ve dreamed about this particular cat several times.

So Cindy at the vet’s office said ok, she’d keep an eye out but they had nothing right now on the board. She said it really wasn’t the time of year when they get cats. This is about 10:30 a.m.

4:00 p.m. Cindy calls back. A groomer they know had a cat dropped on her doorstep. When the groomer walked in with the box and said she had a cat but couldn’t keep it Cindy said “Let me guess, it is gray with gold eyes.” Well, the groomer about dropped the box. She thought Cindy was psychic. Cindy wonders about me…..

Cindy called, and I left work early to go check it out. And there was my girl. She is so soft, and very friendly. She got off the table and onto my coat and I snuggled and petted her for a while. But I knew the minute I saw her and she walked up and nosed my face that she was mine.

The groomer who brought her in paid for her visit and shots as a gift. I’m having her fixed and then she will come on home tomorrow.

Believe in your dreams. They come true sometimes!!