Monthly Archives: June 2010

I promised knitting, but instead you get the bird

Bogart’s new Pac-O-Bird Carrier came yesterday.  We have tried the harness and His Zonness refuses to wear it.  We just all end up bleeding and in tears and it is not worth the trouble.   So, we decided this would be a decent alternative to allow him to get outside with us some.  Also, it will make it easier for me to take him to visit friends for an hour or so or to take him to the vet for his annual rather than having to fight with his larger lucite travel carrier that is also his sleep cage.  It’s bigger, and very heavy and unwieldy.

So, on to photos:

He went in without a fight.  Took a few good looks and inside he went.  He seems to know it is his.

He also is a camera ham.  Once he decided it was his, he didn’t want to come right back out but wanted to hang out and explore.

This is his MINE pose as I tried to lift him out.  Ok, more photos then.

This is him looking out at me with flash, but the expression was so cute I had to keep it.

Without the flash you can see that it is really pretty sheer.  We got the stainless steel mesh option.

Just to see what it looked like from inside I took this photo.  So he really can see out too.

Here is the back.  It is very well built, very well padded, very sturdy frame, and the straps are very comfy.

We have not started moving him in it.  First step was to put him in and let him hang out.  Tonight we’ll close the top and see if he freaks.  If not, then we might take him out on the patio in it for a few minutes.  Even though he is great about new experiences, we are taking it slowly and gently.

I think this is going to be a great boon to our lives and his.  He can go places and be protected from himself and from the idiots who might poke or frighten him.  The only thing we will probably change is that the dragon wood perch seems a bit slick for moving around a lot, so I will probably put a short rope perch in there where he can get a better grip.