Monthly Archives: December 2011

Year in Review

Miles run: 170

Goals met: Quit smoking in July

Altogether this was a pretty good year. Not really exciting, but busy. Looking forward to 2011.


Home for the Holidays Virtual 10k

Untitled by medievalneedle at Garmin Connect – Details.

Distance: 6.24 miles (10k)
Time: 1:16:10
Average Pace: 12:12

This was my run in the Home for the Holidays Virtual 10k hosted by Stephanie over at Run for Fun

This is my longest run to date. I have only done 4 miles up till now. Also I am apparently pretty consistent as my best 5k time is 36.15.

Run Streak December

Run Streak Dec 14 – Freeman Park by medievalneedle at Garmin Connect – Details.


Let’s see if this works.  I got a new Garmin for Christmas 🙂

Somewhere along the way

I became a runner. 17 miles so far this month. Last weekend I ran outside in 35 degree temps. There was ice on the river as I ran over. I did 4 miles. Tonight it was 65 degrees and I ran 2.

I am not sure who this girl I am becoming really is, but I think I like her.