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Resolution Run 2012

I went out with the Bartlett Runners today for my Resolution Run 2012. Planned for 4 miles but really only made it 3.75 miles in 47:01. Average pace was 12:13 but at some point I was apparently running downhill with a tailwind at a 5:56 pace… wonder I was tired.

Garmin report here: Resolution

Wasn’t my best run ever. But also not the worst ever. The Bartlett Runners are all just faster than I am. So I ran with them until the last of them passed me at about mile 1.5 and then turned around and went back the way I knew (since I didn’t know the route ahead) and ran back to where I knew they would come out at the park. Then I followed the line of runners coming in backwards until I found the end and followed the tail in for the finish. I was about .5 miles off of their distance I think. It was also super windy and my ears were hurting by the end.


Here’s to 2012!! Happy New Year!!