Sorry, It’s been a while

Is this thing still on?  I’m awful about keeping up with things, sorry.

Lets see if I can just do a fresh start.

I started my half-marathon training two weeks ago.  I’ve managed pretty well to keep up with it, but this week it is going to bust.

Sunday I was scheduled for a 4 mile long run.  I really wanted to get in a 10k.  Unfortunately, the migraine of the month hit and I was not able to run.  Sad face.

So last night I went out for an hour long run and got in 4.5 miles.  HILLS killed me.  But a run is a run, and there we go!

Tonight I may walk, and I was hoping to run on Wednesday but I may actually go to Pilates instead.  I have a skype session meeting at 8 p.m. so have to be home for that.  Thursday when I get to the hotel in Franklin I plan to go out for a nice run.  And I”ll be running all weekend one way or the other at DAR State Conference.

I’ve also gone back to counting my points on Weight Watchers.  It will be hard this weekend with the purchased meals for the events, but I’ll do my best to stay on track.


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