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Sock Finish


Unisex Slip by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee from the May Rockin Sock Club package in Socks That Rock Lightweight club color Maia. These are a Yule gift for my father-in-law.


Finished Sock

I finished the first sock. Pattern is Kaywinnit by Glenna C. Yarn is Socks That Rock lightweight in I Love What You’re Wearing.


I am about to start another Glenna C. pattern, Viper Pilots, for a Yule gift. Which means that the second sock for this pair may not happen until January. October 1 starts the gift knitting and the only thing I am allowing myself is the September Rockin Sock Club kit when it arrives next week. Hopefully it will be that cool.

Otherwise I guess I will finish these. Not a bad prospect.

Current Sock

Current sock. Hope to get a lot more done this weekend.