Long Week

Not much knitting or anything else this week. Trying to stay on target with my runs and Saturday is Pumpkin Run. Not really setting a time goal just going to go out and run and see how it goes.


Finished Sock

I finished the first sock. Pattern is Kaywinnit by Glenna C. Yarn is Socks That Rock lightweight in I Love What You’re Wearing.


I am about to start another Glenna C. pattern, Viper Pilots, for a Yule gift. Which means that the second sock for this pair may not happen until January. October 1 starts the gift knitting and the only thing I am allowing myself is the September Rockin Sock Club kit when it arrives next week. Hopefully it will be that cool.

Otherwise I guess I will finish these. Not a bad prospect.

Bird Tree

There is a hierarchy in our house. Mark is of course “Tall Bird” and he is in charge. Bogart is only 4 bu he has been in the household longer than Loretto so he gets the shoulder. Loretto may be 58 years old but he has only been with us for a few months so he gets the arm. He wants so badly to have the other shoulder but that is not a good idea. Sometimes he gets the shoulder when he is on his own.

Having these boys in my life is an adventure every day. I can’t remember life without a loud green thing in the corner.


Shopping Sunday

Spent the day with a dear friend. We had salads at J. Alexander’s and then hit the mall. Julie is my shopping genius. I think everybody needs that friend who will tell you when an outfit doesn’t work and then help you fix it.

Had some ugly weather after I got home but the tornadowind was really all that was bad. Supposedly it was “really bad” on our street but we missed out. Not sad.

Turned the heel on the sock tonight. Still dubious about this one and am giving it 60/40 odds it will get ripped out. The top seems big. I followed the pattern but it is not really well written in my opinion.


Some Birds

Bogart wants to hang out on my foot.


Loretto just watches the room.


Current Sock

Current sock. Hope to get a lot more done this weekend.



My birthday present was an iPad and it is easier to me to work at WordPress from my iPad than blogger. So here we are. I hope to post more often now!

Yeah – I know – I never say anything.

Things are weird and busy and crazy here.

And the power has been out since 10:45 Tuesday night. Yes, it is now Thursday. I’m fully, fully aware. Everything in the refrigerator is ruined (guess what – I went to the store on Tuesday night!). The cats keep sneaking up on each other and fighting. The bird thinks he is being punished because you can explain to a small child why the lights do not work, but not to a bird.

I have finished socks. I did that Tuesday night at least.

These are from the Rockin Sock Club (Blue Moon Fiber Arts) and I did one sock from each pattern.  So they are the same yarn but different socks – fraternal twins.

My attempt at being artistic.  Because sometimes I get all weird with the camera.

Here is Mark’s birthday cake too.  I had the image printed and then with the help of a friend who is good at this sort of thing stuck it to the top of the cake.  It was tasty, and not the least bit weird.

I’d leave you with the bird, but sadly it is hard to take photos in the dark.

See you soon!

What I accomplished in 2010

2010 was one of those up and down years. But I accomplished a lot:

I ran 62 miles. My fastest mile was 10’19” and 29 of my miles were in October as I prepared to run my first 5k. I ran the Race for the Cure in Memphis on the 31st of October and finished just under my goal time of 40 minutes.

I knitted lots of things – socks, shawls and gloves. I finished my white shawl and white opera length gloves before DAR Continental Congress in July and wore them both to Page in Washington – another first.

I went to Knoxville for the first time for State Conference (not my first) and Washington DC for the first time for National Congress (which was a first). I went to Kansas City for a few days to visit with some stitching friends too.

2011 is going to be a good year too. I’m going to knit a lot of socks, and finish my shawl that I started last year. I’m going to Nashville for State Conference where I will serve as a Vice-Chairman of Pages. Probably no DC this year.

I also plan to complete the Gateway to 8k plan and run a few races this year.

I need to get photos of some of my knitting and post them soon. Until then – Happy New Year and may 2011 give you all of the blessings you desire!!

Right – sorry

So this poor blog has been totally devoid of content for six months. It’s been a busy, crazy and yet uneventful six months so let’s just start where we are and move on shall we?

I’ll get some new knitting pictures up here soon. Including photos of the knitted gifts this past Yule. But we are all alive and well. Bogart is still talking his little birdy head off. Both cats are still snuggly and sweet. Especially if you happen to have a heating blanket.

Wishing you a happy and prosperous new year!!